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Bespoke One-Off Production Specialist and Kite Materials Shop

65g First Quality Ripstop

65g Ripstop Nylon

View our first quality 65g Ripstop Nylon that is perfectly suited to kite making, photography lighting, and large backdrops

This Morning TV Studio Christmas Bow

Custom Manufacture

Explore your options with us.. with our vast experience in fabric work, we can help you make anything from a custom automotive light diffuser, to a beautiful hand made bespoke kite, or as above, a full building gift wrap!

Light weight frames, metal, carbon, fibreglass

Light Weight Frames

Get in touch with us to discuss your light weight frame work requirements. Carbon fibre, fibreglass, steel and aluminium all have their merits. Email us to find out what works for you

Kite Spares - Ripstop Fabric - Carbon Fibre - Custom Manufacture

Fire Retardant Ripstop Nylon

Fire Retardant Ripstop

From £4.92 /m

Carbon Fibre Tubes

Carbon Fibre Tubes

From £5.60 /m

Soft Weave Polyester Webbing

Soft Weave Polyester Webbing

From £0.80 /m

48g Mira Ripstop Nylon Kite Fabric

48g Mirai Ripstop

From £8.99 /m

Useful Kite Making Materials

Double Sided KO Tape for temporary positioning instead of using pins

Double Sided K.O. Tape

From £5.49

Self Adhesive Ripstop Tape - Various Colours

Ripstop Repair Tape

From £8.99

Sailing Grade Thread - UV and Salt Water Stable - Super Strong!

Dabond V69 Sewing Thread

From £9.99

Hook and loop tape - Sew on

Hook and Loop Tape

From £2.50/m

Vinyl End Caps for carbon fibre rods and tubes

Vinyl End Caps

From £1.20 /pack

Angled and straight connectors for carbon and glass fibre rods and tubes

Angled Connectors

From £1.60

Centre Cross joints to join carbon and glass fibre rods and tubes

Centre Cross Joints

From £1.10

Spar grabbers to connect different sized carbon and glass fibre tubes

Spar Grabber Clips

From £0.50

Online Kite Materials Shop

We have been in business since 1992, starting as festival based traders, we are now one of the longest standing kite shop in the UK. Carrying possibly the widest range of kites spare parts and materials in the UK, we have started to turn out hand to all manor of custom jobs, anything from car studio lighting diffusers, to stage props and flags. Based in Burbage, Leicestershire, our office is at a private address.  We welcome visits but strictly by appointment only as due to the nature of the custom work, we're very often out of the office on site working with clients. Please call us on 01455 246131

The Highwaymen probably offers the widest range of kite accessories, spares, light weight materials, carbon fibre tubes & rods and sail cloths.

Should you need to get in touch, or have any enquiries, please contact us on 01455 246 131
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