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31g per m Icarex Ripstop Polyester

(Code: 1857-a57b00)
Icarex Ripstop Weight - 31g per m Colour Choice : Dark Grey
19.99 GBP
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31g per m²  Icarex Ripstop Polyester
Icarex Ripstop Polyester 31g/m - The lightest and most technically advanced fabric we carry. Looking for a light weight solution? Look no further!1st quality, crisp, extremely light weight cloth at approximately 140cm wide, suitable for high spec applications. Icarex is the choice of almost all the serious high performance sports kites, and with many years of astounding success Icarex is going to be used for many years to come.  All cloth is measured per meter pulled off the roll, so 1m of purchased fabric will buy a piece of cloth measuring 100cm x 140cm

Orders for Icarex are placed weekly with our suppliers, please be aware the delivery will not be as fast as our standard economy cloths

Applications  Icarex Polyester Mirai Nylon Chikara Nylon
 Delta kites +++  ++  +++
 Foil kites +  +++  ++
 Single line kites without frame +  +++  ++
 Skytubes +  +++  ++
 Inflatables +  +++  ++
 Art objects with frame +++  ++  +++
 Tarps +  ++  +++
 Medical help (easy slide)    ++  +++
 Cover products +  +++  +
 Apparel ++  +++  ++

Material Ripstop Nylon
Type of polyester 30 Denier Polycarbonate
Coating Double sided Polyurethane (PU) / Double sided WR
Weight (g/m2) 37
Roll width (m) 1.40
Yarn (Dtex)  Warp 33 / Fill 33
Tear strength (kg) Warp 1.2 / Fill 1.2
Breaking strength (kg / 5cm) Warp 28 / Fill 31
Breaking elongation (% / 5cm) Warp 12 / Fill 18
Air permeability (cc / cm2 / sec)       0.02

Code Icarex Ripstop Weight - 31g per m Colour Choice  Price   
1857-a57b00  Dark Grey  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-f04965  Black  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-88ddae  Midnight Blue  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-aad34e  Yellow  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-8adb26  Gold  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-926da0  Red  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-7c1f52  Orange  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-7bab74  Light Grey  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-a6008d  White  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-f45dea  Royal Blue  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-fbd5db  Sky Blue  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-6815a8  Teal  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-3b14d9  Purple  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-729d3b  Forest  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-96024e  Flo Yellow  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-5b234c  Flo Green  19.99 GBP Details Buy
1857-20f5e9  Flo Orange  19.99 GBP Details Buy