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Custom Motorcycle Seats

Custom Motorcycle SeatsAs a biker, and someone who likes to tinker, fix, build stuff.. it doesn't take long to get approached to make up some pretty unusual things that are a far stretch from kite making!

Take a look at the process below as we had to destroy something that didn't fit the bill and modify the seat base massively and create an entirely new seat to fit the modified base- a bit daunting to say the least!

Step 1 - Measure twice, three times in fact, cut once!

Measure twice cut once!

Step 2 - Sandwich time, foam leather sandwiches are order of the day

Foam inlay for quilting

Step 3 - Stitching the quilt lines into the sandwich and trimming edges to fit the side panel

Custom Motorbike Seat

Step 4 - Sewing sides to top, and then top stitching to really finish off the seat

Heavy Duty Sewing

Step 5 - Lay out the finished item, start offering it up to the foam base.

Quilted top leather seat

This is the point where the seat really started to come together, but since the bike is still being built.. it's all been dismantled to go in for paint and electrical works.. as soon as the finished item is re assembled, more pictures will follow!

Different seat all together, and minus the documented build process, but this is a re upholstery job, much the same process as above but the seat base and foam are original.

Custom Modified BMW GS Seat1

Custom Modified BMW GS Seat2

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Car Photography Studios

Over the last few years we've been asked to make some really unusual things, anything from tiny air streamer ribbons to visually show the slightest air movement, to giant, and I mean giant, covers to hide large helicopter shaped items for big reveals.

Out of all the random builds we do, the one thing that keeps coming up for lots of different clients, and many repeat clients, is a simple but really effective lighting diffuser for automotive photography studios and booths. Often built over a revolving turn table, these studios help large car dealerships and auction houses take photographs in quick succession with stunning, yet most importantly, consistent results. 

In short, it's a giant white sheet made from 65g Ripstop Nylon. Multiple widths of 1.5m wide ripstop fabric, stitched together using a simple but strong double rolled seem. We choose this seam because it tucks all loose edges of the cloth inside itself so there is nothing to fray, and it allows all the light to come through the cloth so there are no shadows cast from the joins. The result, is a smooth bright white light over the subject, be it a car, bike, or what ever you choose.

Most clients prefer us to make the diffuser panel over sized, so they can stretch the cloth over the studio frame, fix it into place, and trim off the excess.. this creates a lovely even tension over the fabric and ensures that it fits perfectly to the studio. Some however ask us to hem the entire panel, and eyelet the edges at regular intervals all the way around... When doing this method, we suggest using a dacron tab which wraps over the edge in a sandwich fashion, so that the eyelet has got some extra meat to bite onto.. excuse the pun!  For this kind of panel, it can be tied to a framework that may be hanging instead of over a studio frame.

For any enquiries or quotations, get in touch on the phone 01455 246131 or email


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Chikara For Easy Slide Medical Sleeves

Well we had no idea, and hadn't really put two and two together, but after a number of phone calls from various customers, we have learned that our Chikara 30d Ripstop Nylon is perfectly suited to creating compression hosiery application sleeves.

Some of our customers suffering with Lymphedema, causing fluid build up and swelling in their limbs, have been struggling to find suitable sleeves to air with fitting their compression stockings. Not being an expert in the condition myself, I can only go on what I've been listening to so bear with me - My understanding is that with the swelling, the skin is stretching and becoming thinner, weaker, and more sensitive.. so dragging a compression stocking up and over these swollen limbs has a  tendency to tear skin, aggravating the condition even more so. These patients are using a sliding sleeve made with Chikara Ripstop Nylon, that allows the sock to slide nicely up their leg, and then the slippery ripstop nylon then slides out from in between the stocking, and the skin, a double layer of ripstop allows the sleeve to stay stationary to the skin whilst the sliding happens against the stocking. Much like a caterpillar track on a digger! Like I say, this is my best understanding so please excuse me if I'm wrong!!

Back to the point - Some of the patients suffering with this, have swelling that is beyond the standard size of these sliding sleeves, so they're approaching us to supply the fabric that is perfectly matched to this application in order for them to have them made up to the size they want.  

One of the other enquiries we've had for this fabric used in similar application, are for prosthetic limbs.. really interesting stuff, and even better knowing that the fabric we supply, can be used for making lives that little bit easier!

If you're struggling with similar issues, please get in touch, we have a workshop, industrial sewing machine, and the Chikara Ripstop Nylon.. let's see what we can do!

Get in touch on the phone - 01455 246131 or via email


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November Update

Well the last few days has been really hectic here.. with our sale kicking off and loads of repair work coming in all at the same time it's been busy to say the least.

Since our clearance sale started only days ago, we've sold out of several items that we had, so please keep an eye on the clearance / sale page to see what we still have for an absolute bargain -

We've also been doing no end of odd repair work recently, it seems that there's quite a demand for skilled hands at the moment. Armed with our industrial sewing machines, and sometimes a needle and thread, we've been fixing, repairing, and building all manor of bits from golf buggy roofs, tool belts, kit bags, luggage, sails, and of course kites!

As always out contact details for all enquiries are as below

The Highwaymen
Above Swagbox Gifts
2 New Buildings
LE10 1HW

01455 230 736 

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Sale Now On!

Check our our clearance page for a massive list of bargains, also you can download the full pdf sale sheet here


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End Of Season Sale

It's that time again, the end of the season.. 

Over the next week or two Ben and myself will be doing a full kite stock take, and writing up a massive clearance sheet with all our festival kites that need new homes for the winter. 

There will be some cracking bargains to be had, as the festivals give the kite packaging a bit of punishment, there will be a selection of ex demo kites, and kites with no packaging at all that will be going up for grabs at some fantastic prices!

Keep an eye out on our home page, and facebook page for any updates on our end of season sale

The Highwaymen

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