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Bespoke Manufacture - Custom Builds

Bespoke Manufacture

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Nanopinion Concept and Touring Stands

Client : Postler Ferguson and built for the European Council 

Brief : To design a completely collapsible, lightweight structure to act as an access point to the Nanopinion Project

Project : To consult on the design, discuss manufacturing methods and materials, deliver three completed units within an agreed time frame

North Face - Longer Days Fabric Panels

Client : Green Room Retail and built for North Face

Brief : To create the fabric panel element to the retail fit into a packaged solution that can be distributed around the main European stores

Project : To discuss manufacturing methods and materials, create a plan based around an almost impossible deadline, outsource laser cutting and eyelets, arrange assembly, and deliver completed job

British Airways - Olympic Advertising Campaign

Client : Mimesis Models and built for British Airways

Brief : To create a set of highly detailed, miniature banner lettering to sit on a carbon framework  

Project : Working from a full size sample, discuss materials and apply sewing detail most suited for the desired finish 

Defected Records - Ibiza Custom Advertising Kites

Client : Defected Records for Defected Records 

Brief : To build a set of three kites suitable to display the Defected In The House graphics, as supplied by Defected

Project : Discuss best option of kite design for stability, display space, and practicality. Choose the materials, build the kites in house, arrange printing, ensure delivery within the set time frame