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Custom Sewing and Manufacture

Custom Sewing and Fabric Projects

Brother Industrial Dual Feed Sewing Machine

At The Highwaymen we work with mostly Ripstop Nylon and associated materials, but we can still work with your choice of fabric.

We can laser cut for pin point accuracy and consistency, and if you only have paper patterns, our laser cutter can even digitise this so the machines can work with your design. Send us your patterns and we will do the rest! 

Having our vast experience helps us work out logical solutions to building fabric structures, it also helps to think outside the box. So whether you need us to build a kite, or a visual marketing wonder, get in touch and speak to one of us to see if we can help you!

Eyelet Punch

Eylet Punch for ripstop nylon fabric

We have a choice of Eyelet sizes available that will work with our ripstop nylon and polyester fabrics. We always recommend reinforcing edges or eyelet areas with either a webbing or dacron material to ensure longevity of your project.

Heavy Webbing Reinforcement

Webbing comes in a variety of sizes, colours, and grades.. we stock a great general purpose soft weave polyester webbing that offers enough give to make it easy to work with, but enough regidity to give a really quality feel.

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