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Car Photography Studios

Over the last few years we've been asked to make some really unusual things, anything from tiny air streamer ribbons to visually show the slightest air movement, to giant, and I mean giant, covers to hide large helicopter shaped items for big reveals.

Out of all the random builds we do, the one thing that keeps coming up for lots of different clients, and many repeat clients, is a simple but really effective lighting diffuser for automotive photography studios and booths. Often built over a revolving turn table, these studios help large car dealerships and auction houses take photographs in quick succession with stunning, yet most importantly, consistent results. 

In short, it's a giant white sheet made from 65g Ripstop Nylon. Multiple widths of 1.5m wide ripstop fabric, stitched together using a simple but strong double rolled seem. We choose this seam because it tucks all loose edges of the cloth inside itself so there is nothing to fray, and it allows all the light to come through the cloth so there are no shadows cast from the joins. The result, is a smooth bright white light over the subject, be it a car, bike, or what ever you choose.

Most clients prefer us to make the diffuser panel over sized, so they can stretch the cloth over the studio frame, fix it into place, and trim off the excess.. this creates a lovely even tension over the fabric and ensures that it fits perfectly to the studio. Some however ask us to hem the entire panel, and eyelet the edges at regular intervals all the way around... When doing this method, we suggest using a dacron tab which wraps over the edge in a sandwich fashion, so that the eyelet has got some extra meat to bite onto.. excuse the pun!  For this kind of panel, it can be tied to a framework that may be hanging instead of over a studio frame.

For any enquiries or quotations, get in touch on the phone 01455 246131 or email


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