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Carbon Tube

Hollow Carbon Fibre Tube in a range from 4 to 20mm outsite diameter, larger sizes available on request. Standard lengths 1m and 1.5m Our Carbon Fibre Tube comes in either a pultruded construction, pultruded is a stiff carbon that maintains a degree of flex. 

5.60 GBP
(Code: 13861M)
Carbon Tube - Exel Cruise 4.0mmCarbon Tube - Exel Cruise 4.0mm (3.9mm O.D. / 2.5mm I.D.)
5.81 GBP
(Code: 13871M)
Carbon Tube - Exel Cruise 5.0mmCarbon Tube - Exel Cruise 5.0mm (4.9mm O.D / 3.5mm I.D)
7.27 GBP
(Code: 18431M)
Carbon Tube - Exel Cruise 6.0mmCarbon Tube - Exel Cruise 6.0mm (5.9mm O.D / 4.0mm I.D)

10.49 GBP
(Code: cl81)
Carbon Tube - Exel Cruise 8.0mmCarbon Tube - Exel Cruise 8.0mm (7.9mm O.D / 6.0mm I.D)

14.98 GBP
(Code: 18091M)
Carbon Tube - Exel Cruise 10.0mmCarbon Tube - Exel Cruise 10.0mm (9.9mm O.D / 8.0mm I.D)

21.07 GBP
(Code: 18111M)
Carbon Tube - Exel Strong 12mmCarbon Tube - Exel Strong 12mm (11.9/9.0mm)
39.31 GBP
(Code: 18441M)
Carbon Tube - Exel Strong 15mm Carbon Tube - Exel Strong 15mm (15/12.0mm)
49.99 GBP
(Code: 18471M)
Carbon Tube - Exel Strong 20mm (20/17.0mm)Carbon Tube - Exel Strong 20mm (20/17.0mm)