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Cheap Ripstop Sail Fabric?

Want ripstop sail cloth cheaper?

Several months ago in The Highwaymen office we decided we needed to get a better supply of Ripstop Kite and Sail cloth in.. and most importantly we wanted access to it on the same day that we get a customer enquiry. It's not easy to find, but after much digging... we found our product.

It's a 57g/m 1st quality Ripstop Polyester - this cloth has all the traits that kite flyers and model makers need, but since it's now in a Polyester, rather than Nylon, there's a new reason to consider the cloth. Dye-Sublimation Printing - Basically it's perfect for photo quality printing on a large size! Should you need anything printing specifically for a job, then please let us know. 

Our 57g/m Ripstop is replacing our old, heavier 65g nylon fabric, and we've had some really good results with it. Over the last couple of months we have been working on several commissions and one off productions. As you can see, this banner here was for Triumph Live, printed by a local dye-sub printer and put together by us it's come out really nicely.

We also did some work with a major house music record label and built them a series of large sled kites that had custom colours and printing 
involved. Typically they wanted it "yesterday"
and there was three of us working late nights to get the work completed, but we made the deadline! 

      This is one of the four kites being flown in Ibiza doing it's job nicely. 

If you need any work doing that requires specialist knowledge, sewing skills, or light weight carbon frame work solutions please visit our website for more information

Price wise it's still the cheapest cloth that we offer, and because of our new fantastic supply that we have discovered, we can offer these in roll quantities of 120m with a massive discount! See here for prices and availabilty

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