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Classic Power

Last week I found out that my brother-in-law had been involved in a serious accident at with a chainsaw and his arm. Without going into to much gore, they saved his arm and happy days...

While he was in hospital, bored.. he'd been looking to get a power kite after playing on one of my Ozone Imp Trainer kites. Having done plenty of reading, and listening to some stories about what some of the kites used to be like... he ended up purchasing a Flexifoil Blade II 6.4m on a morphine fuelled whim!

I used to have a two kite quiver when these kites were current, a 6.4m and a 9m... the 9m I ran on a 2 line bar with a cross over kit. There's such a great feeling of nostalgia when I see these kites now, and you'd think that the modern kites would massively out perform these old girls. Pace wise, yes, the new kites are in a whole different kettle of fish, but as for out and out grunt and power, these kites are absolute machines! 

The ironic thing is that, he's ordered this beautiful monster from ebay, he's not going to be fit to use it for some time since the chainsaw cut a third of the way through his arm and bone... whilst he has my every sympathy, I will be stealing this kite and making the most of it while he's out for the count!

Which kite is it that you have a soft spot for? I'm pretty certain we all have one!

The Highwaymen

Video credit for Mr Little Duff on Youtube

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