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Custom Motorcycle Seats

Custom Motorcycle SeatsAs a biker, and someone who likes to tinker, fix, build stuff.. it doesn't take long to get approached to make up some pretty unusual things that are a far stretch from kite making!

Take a look at the process below as we had to destroy something that didn't fit the bill and modify the seat base massively and create an entirely new seat to fit the modified base- a bit daunting to say the least!

Step 1 - Measure twice, three times in fact, cut once!

Measure twice cut once!

Step 2 - Sandwich time, foam leather sandwiches are order of the day

Foam inlay for quilting

Step 3 - Stitching the quilt lines into the sandwich and trimming edges to fit the side panel

Custom Motorbike Seat

Step 4 - Sewing sides to top, and then top stitching to really finish off the seat

Heavy Duty Sewing

Step 5 - Lay out the finished item, start offering it up to the foam base.

Quilted top leather seat

This is the point where the seat really started to come together, but since the bike is still being built.. it's all been dismantled to go in for paint and electrical works.. as soon as the finished item is re assembled, more pictures will follow!

Different seat all together, and minus the documented build process, but this is a re upholstery job, much the same process as above but the seat base and foam are original.

Custom Modified BMW GS Seat1

Custom Modified BMW GS Seat2

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