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Introducing System 30

Introducing System 30

Exel Composites’ System 30 offer a self-assembly system for building frameworkds and lightweight structures for a wide range of applications. The lightweight structures are combination of glassfibre tubes 30/26mm (1.18"/1.02”) and wide variety of connectors made of injection-moulded plastic. These non-corroding structures can be utilized both outdoors and indoors.. they are non conductive, and do not react to temperature changes in the same way that common metal frames do.

The most common use for System 30 is for creating banner frames.. This range of connectors allows the user to assemble a huge range of shapes and structures. From the example here of the Swiss banner, to vertical structures with printed banners all round, and illumination on the inside. Versatile is the word you're looking for!

Some of our recent customers are using it to trial some flexible scientific isolator containment tents, and also for building wheel barrows that will not interfere with metal detection on archaeological sites.

We've been using it ourselves for a client who has asked us to create a one off photography hide that needs to be effectively a storm/bomb proof temporary building. 

Take a look at the range of connectors here

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