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Previous Projects at The Highwaymen

Previous Projects

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Nanopinion Concept and Touring Stands

Client : Postler Ferguson and built for the European Council 

Brief : To design a completely collapsible, lightweight structure to act as an access point to the Nanopinion Project

Project : To consult on the design, discuss manufacturing methods and materials, deliver three completed units within an agreed time frame

North Face - Longer Days Fabric Panels

Client : Green Room Retail and built for North Face

Brief : To create the fabric panel element to the retail fit into a packaged solution that can be distributed around the main European stores

Project : To discuss manufacturing methods and materials, create a plan based around an almost impossible deadline, outsource laser cutting and eyelets, arrange assembly, and deliver completed job

British Airways - Olympic Advertising Campaign

Client : Mimesis Models and built for British Airways

Brief : To create a set of highly detailed, miniature banner lettering to sit on a carbon framework  

Project : Working from a full size sample, discuss materials and apply sewing detail most suited for the desired finish 

Defected Records - Ibiza Custom Advertising Kites

Client : Defected Records for Defected Records 

Brief : To build a set of three kites suitable to display the Defected In The House graphics, as supplied by Defected

Project : Discuss best option of kite design for stability, display space, and practicality. Choose the materials, build the kites in house, arrange printing, ensure delivery within the set time frame 

Data Constructs - Giant Triangles

Client : Data Constructs

Brief : To build a set of triangular panels with a built in framework chanel to create a modular 3d building platform for educational Science and Mathematics projects

Project : Consider materials to give a lightweight yet durable triangle 'building block' like system where people of all ages and abilities can create giant 3d structures. Arrange cutting, source and supply of materials, construct and delivery on time