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Peter Powell Stunt Kite

A few weeks ago we had a customer contact us regarding his old Peter Powell stunt kite.. he had crashed it nose down and the tail end of the kite had torn clean off the sail, making the kite totally unable to fly.

So having received the kite through the post, we set about making a template for the 65g ripstop sail, and cleaning up the fibre glass framework so we could use all the original parts, apart from the damaged sail of course.

We hadn't seen one of these kites for many years, and we'd forgotten how simple they were, and what it was that made them such great kites.  In short, the size of these kites really made them so super stable that they were perfect for all abilities to get on and learn to fly.

Take a look below at the final result, we need to do a little bit of testing to see if the bridle needs tweaking as it's only been done by eye due to the original kite's bridle being damaged too.

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