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Special Builds

Special Builds

This season has been really busy for us on our mail order.. it was half to be expected sincewe've done so much work on the website in the last 12 months.

But the mail order isn't just it for us - there doesn't seem to be any kite shops and makers with the knowledge, and capacity to make specific bits to order. This is where we've picked up on a lot of trade this year.

British Airways Olympic Themed Campaign -The framework has been created out of carbon fibre, bungee, and dyneema bridle line... letters were laser cut and then stitched by us over night into the early hours. Twin needle sewing for authentic detail... a lot of effort but the job looked great and BA used the work - we saw the ad in The Guardian!

Defected In The House - Defected wanted a series of four kites making in totally custom colours and printed graphics. These were for promotional purposes, and have been flying on the beaches of Ibiza every weekend since

Triumph - One of our local friends and printers urgently needed help with some banners he needed to make for Triumph Motorcycles. The deadline was for an hour later than we were first asked about the work. Yes... we got it sorted!

Math Giant Triangles - Our latest project build was to create 84 giant triangles for creating geometric shapes in funky colours and quirky designs -Classroom activities generally involve students making shapes themselves, with a small number of triangles to start, using trial and error and discovery as they build in teams. Like with a puzzle, they are not given fixed procedural instructions as to what to fix where. They learn from the experience of building as a collaborative problem solving activity which develops their awareness of geometric features. They also experience shapes, and can examine their properties, from both the inside and the outside.

If you need to speak to us about creating a one off design or light weight structure then see our website and give us a call on 01455 230 736

Take a look at our Facebook page and keep in touch with us here
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