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Telescopic Windsock Flag Poles

Telescopic windsock flag poles made by Spirit Of Air
15.99 GBP
(-56.29%) 6.99 GBP
(Code: tele4m)
Telescopic Windsock Pole 4m - SPECIAL OFFER4.0m Telescopic windsock pole for flags, windsocks, feather banners etc

  • Larger Tip Eyelet and thicker solid tip section.
  • If you wish to fly a flag from the pole, please fly off the second section from the top, because flags are generally heavier and add greater stress to the poles, the top ring is suited for small / medium windsocks only
  • Feather banners can happily fit full length.
  • Limited stock!

3.99 GBP
(Code: 397)
Pole Stake 10mmPole Stake (10mm) x 1m
8.50 GBP
(Code: 1082)
Pole Stake (Super 20mm)Pole Stake (Super 20mm) x 1.25m